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Publications and Collections

• 2010 Vision in Residence, Yvonne Jones’ Memory Three IN Corporeal feminism and the Representation of Women by Women. PhD thesis by Michele Waugh.
• 2010 Peeling the Body in LASS Doctoral Research Journal - Issue 1, University of Southampton.
• 2009 701085; in Winchester School of Art Research Anthology, in response to Private View, an essay by Professor Tim Elliott and Anneke Lucassen; Edit. John Gillett and Beth Harland, University of Southampton.
• 2009 Peeling the body - a visual essay, in Human 2.0 Conference Programme.
• 2006 Yvonne Jones, Corporeality by Rogelio Vallejo in Re:Imagining Wales, A Yearbook of the Visual Arts, Edit. Hugh Adams, Seren.
• 2004 The Eye of the Artist video installation IN Bloomberg newcontemporaries 2004 (catalogue)
• 2003 Waiting for the Rain to Stop oil on canvas IN New Hall, Catalogue of the Women’s Art at New Hall 3rd Edition (also catalogue editions 1 &2, 1996 & 1992)
• 1995 Montparnasse by Night, neon installation IN Words; Don’t Stand on Trifles (catalogue)
• 1995 Describing the Elephant (catalogue)
• 1992 Welsh Landscape, acrylic IN The Laing Art Exhibition (catalogue)
• 1991 Music Makers at Penzance; Third Movement, acrylic IN Sotheby’s auction Hearts of Gold (catalogue)
• 1991 Dad; Twenty Years Ago To-day; Waiting for the Rain to Stop, three works, mixed media IN The Pastel Society (catalogue)
• 1990 Family Matters (catalogue)
• 1990 Artist by the Wayside a collection of poems Green Waters press.
• 1989 Self Portrait mixed media IN The Royal Academy Illustrated 1989 (catalogue)

The collection of Contemporary Women's Art, at New Hall College Cambridge

The former Mersyside Arts Trust

The Welsh Arts Concil Collection (work held at University of Bangor)

Private Collections in UK and Europe

all images © copyright Yvonne Jones 2011