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X-it (2007)

This work as with all works is undertaken from a painter's perspective, that is to say in considering the video content, or in this case the still images, takes into account the values of painting, colour, line, form and composition. Video projection is used to 'break out' from a canvas, to be able to move the constraints of size withease; 'painting with light' evokes the fragility of the living body. There is a constant 'filling up' within the projected image as it expands from a small amount of textured material to an almost full screen with a return to the starting point, only to fill up again as the work continuesto loop.

The work is comprised of two video projections placed side by side. The 'filling' times are set differently, the effect is visual disruption created by the changing sets of relationships. The motif of circle, with its widening and narrowing area of textured material, refernces the anal sphincter and its prtracted and continous physical work during this event of Salmonella poisioning.

Image from installation.

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