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X-cite (2008)

Presents as two small different video projections, as with all these works, they are looped to play continuously. The scale aids the potency of the imagery in reflecting the real size of the body. The cool colours indicate the idea of removal from human warmth and the idea of a more mechanical way of thinking. The videos are positioned back to back, away from and ideally opposite to each other, creating a 'gateway'. When the viewer turns from one to the other the work evokes a trap for the viewer caught in this body altering procedure.

In the first video (still image below), the image is contained within a hard frame, in the second video the images do not comply to a rigid hard frm frame, they act visually in such a way that each has its own existence but also an existence within the other. Both videos have an audio track.

The subject as the medical object is contained in both videos. Video 2 references a position where subject and the medic facilitate a change through engagement with each other, creating a position in which the subject is more empowered. There is an increased sense of coming together between the subject and the objectifier.

Still image from X-cite (2008) video 1

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