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X-posing (2009)

The work is made up of several projected videos, mainly in black and white, presented in a contained, enclosed and darkened space. Ideally a space painted completely black so that the images are projected onto black, surrounded by black, so absorbing bounced light. The video pieces are placed to create a sensation for the viewer of being centred within an active envirionment. The activity contained within the pieces is evocatitive of the living being, with the sense of different rhythms of life movements such as breathing, heartbeat and intestinal movements. The placement heights vary to offere a surround experience reflecting the 'confusion' of differing sensations within the body.It refernces and evokes the idea of Gormley speaking of existing 'on the other side of appearance' - (Gormley 2004, Re-imaining the Body, IN Kennard). It enfolds the viewer, structured to enable an experience of being within, existing as the subject.

Images taken from installation of several projection videos.

all images © copyright Yvonne Jones 2011